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The hottest spot in Hell is in the 9th Circle (Treachery), reserved for Traitors.
In general, the 9th Circle is not a very nice place to be (unless you are a masochist).
Some features of Treachery are:
  • Residents of the 9th Circle are imprisoned in the frozen lake "Cocytus"
  • The lake is guarded by Giants, so forget about escaping
  • The ice of the 9th Circle is kept frozen by Lucifer's six flapping wings
  • Lucifer has three faces, with three mouths, each chewing on a sinner
  • Judas is in the middle mouth with his head inside
  • Brutus and Cassius are in the side mouths, with their heads hanging out
Not interested yet? Well, Treachery is divided into four neighborhoods:
  • Caina (Traitors to Kin) - residents are immersed head-down in the ice
  • Antenora (Traitors to Homeland) - currently under contract by George W. Bush
  • Ptolomea (Traitors to Guests) - traitors are head-up in the ice, with frozen eyes
  • Giudecca (Traitors to Benefactors) - residents are completely immersed in ice
Travel tips provided by Dante Alighieri
For crimes of fashion, visit Fashion Hell, 9th Circle - Treachery
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